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Overwrite function in Automation Toad for Oracle 12.10

I am running the latest Toad for Oracle and have many scheduled queries running daily. In earlier versions of Toad, it would overwrite the previous Excel spreadsheet. I have “If file exists” set to “overwrite”, but it just keeps adding tabs to the spreadsheet. This is getting cumbersome to the users of the spreadsheets. Thank you for your help.


Looks like a bug. I’ll fix it. In the meantime, an easy workaround would be for you to add a “delete file” action right before your export. Sorry about that!

Thank you, John! I should have mentioned it earlier! Appreciate the help. – Lee

I am happy to have found this post. My Excel files were growing a new tab per day because the overwrite is not working in Toad for Oracle I never knew about the Delete File action but I quickly found it and figured it out (it couldn’t be easier to use). A Big Thank you John!

You’re welcome, Piombo!