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Package Describe in TOAD 12.12

I’m using TOAD for Oracle 12.12 on a Windows 7 PC. When I’m looking at code in the Editor or Schema Browser, if I click on a package.procedure name, and hit F-4 to describe it, the Describe window opens to the package spec, where previous versons (up through 12.11, at least) would open to that procedure in the package body.

Also, the Describe window includes the package spec and body in one window.

How do I get it to open up to the package body in this situation, and how to get the package spec and body in separate tabs of the Describe window?



It appears I have just found my own answer, after struggling with this all morning. In Options, under Schema Browswer -> Describe Dialogs, in the Behavior section, there is a checkbox for “Show spec and body in package describes”. When I unchecked that, F4 started opening the Describe window to the procedure in the package body, not the spec.