Package/Procedure Editor vs SQL Editor

Our company is new to SQL Navigator. We are using version I like the functionality available in the pkg editor. It seems that when opening source files, not programs from the database, I have a difficult time getting the pkg editor. If I open a .pkg file, I get the pkg editor with a spec and body tab. That occurs even if the body is not contained in that specific .pkg source file. If I open a .pkb source file, I get the SQL editor and lose the functionality available in the pkg editor. If I open a .sql file I also get the SQL editor. We have a lot of legacy code that we support and many of the pkg’s and procedures are .sql files. Is there a way to allow me to open these source files using the pkg editor? Can I set the extensions somewhere in SQL Nav to allow me to open the .pkb or .sql files in the pkg editor or let me identify the the editor I want to use when opening the source file.

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There is no workaround for saving package spec into file and open such file (.pkg) in Store Program Editor (similarly with .sql files fro objects).
However, we are changing this functionality in the forthcoming release 6.0, where we introduce one Code Editor, replacing
both SQL Editor and Store Program Editor. I strongly recommend you to download from this Community our latest Beta 6.0 and have a look
at Code Editor. We would love to hear from you about your experience with package files in the new Editor.