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TOAD Execute Compile in Editor NOT updating db

So, when I edit a package, procedure, etc. in the editor right click =>execute => compile all:
1)only the body shows as compiled (compile option set to compile both spec and body always)
2) The last ddl shows up as current but the modified code does not so when I refresh and open the edits are gone, as if I never made changes?

The only way I seem to be able to get them into the db is to execute the edited script in sqlplus. This is not the way versions 11.5 and prior worked they always did what was requested.




Sorry for taking a day to respond. I missed this yesterday.

I tested this with 14.2. If package spec and body are in the same tab, then right-click -> execute -> 'compile all' is compiling both spec and body for me. If they are on separate tabs, then only the item on the current tab is compiling.

Is that what you are seeing? Are you expecting the other tabs to compile or just the objects in the current tab?


I have toad set to open both spec and body as one always. As such I have one file I work with and when done I save it locally, right-click -> execute -> 'compile all' . I do not ever split spec and body into different tabs.
So for you it is working as one would expect...
Then there is something else involved?


Are you using Team Coding?
Does it fail for every package? (maybe if there are errors it won't compile?)

I am not using team coding.
I will experiment to see if it is a constant or if there is another factor. In my initial tests it happened in 2 out of 2 package scripts. I even repeated it a couple times in disbelief before posting. I will check into this further but need to get through something else first. Stay tuned please and I'll see if I can provide more details

So in further testing it appears it may have something to do with memory, or the lack of it. Large procedures and packages seem to have the most difficulty.

Yesterday I noticed that when I ran a create synonym statement it finished and showed the timestamp, but did not actually change the synonym, nor did it say synonym created or error.

I believe these are related somehow. I believe there might be something happening regarding memory, even though I have what seems like enough to run TOAD.

If you have a package that you can repeat this with, can you email it to me?

Sent you email containing a large package steps taken and screenshots of the results highlighting the idiosyncrasies.