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SQL Navigator 7: Jump to another package method

Hi there,

pressing Ctrl+Enter on a package procedure in another package is opening the referencing package but does not move the cursor to the referencing procedure.

So if I am editing package1 and there is a call to package2.myproc pressing Ctrl+Enter on myproc opens package2 but doesn’t jump to the procedure myproc.

Please can you correct this.

Thank you very much.


Hi Heli,

Thank you for report this。

I have create a CR (SQLNAV-1255) for this issue.


Lyla Su

Hi Heli,

Ctrl + Enter will make it jump to the exact position in the package spec now in the latest beta build, but there is someone would like to jump to the body, we are considering to add an option in preference or somewhere else, currently will jump to Spec as default. Please let us know if you are happy with the current change, thanks.…/21862.aspx