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Partition list

Ctrl+F in partition list is not working in partition list…

confirmed in …as a matter of fact…in partition tab, there is no grid…just pure list component…not a grid one.

Right it’s not a grid. There is no CTRL+F but you can incremental search…just start typing the name of the partition you are looking for.

I see…But typing is searching on all columns?

If yes how to narrow search to just one?

previous solution with grid was much more friendly, not to mention export features

Incremental search works on the partition/subpartition name column. Do you really want to search on anything else? If so, you can can just click the column header to sort and then you should be able to quickly find the value that you want.

Yes, there are more export options with a grid, but most of them would never be used with this kind of data. You can CTRL+C and paste into excel with the current display. Is that not enough?

I can add some filtering if it is needed, but I want to make sure it is really needed.

Hi John

All clear now.

But could you tell me what was the reason for changing this part?



I consolidated the “Partitions” and “Subpartitions” tab into one tab. So now you can see the entire picture of partitioning of a table in one place. When partitions+subpartitions are displayed, they are shown in a tree. The prior grid control is not as good as the new control at displaying information in a tree format.