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Pivot Grid Default Aggregation


In TDP 5.0, the default aggregation seems to be "count" instead of "sum". Is there any way to change the default?


Currently the default aggregate for number types is sum. What is the datatype of this field in the database or it is result of calculated field or function? It from calculated field for function we have no way of easily knowing the return type.


The datatype for the field in the database is numeric(14,2)


What database type?


SQL Server 2016


I can't seem to reproduce. Let me have someone else take a look.


TDP show count as default if row type is string. QAT-14837 is made to change it



It seems to be dependent on the fields in the row area.

In this screen shot with just the deduction code in the row area, it shows the row and columns totals as a sum which is the desired behavior.

If I add employee id as the first row area column, it shows a count for the employee id instead of sum and the grand total row is not displayed even though show
row totals is enabled.. The grand total column is still a sum.


We will add this info to QAT-14837