Removing Subtotals from pivot grid

I don’t want to display subtotals in the pivot table in TDP. I cannot find a way to turn them off. I couldn’t find any questions about it in the forum.

Please advise and thank you for your time!

In TDP 4.3 we have added lots of features. Totals for rows or columns is a right click select off of the menu.

Hi Debbie,

Thank you for a quick answer. I guess I didn’t specify my question enough. When I have multiple fields in the ‘Row Area’ in the pivot grid field list section it creates subtotals. I cannot find a way to turn subtotals off. Let’s say I have multiple customers and each has multiple ship-to locations. I’m getting subtotal for each customer that summarizes all locations I tried right click but that only works for grand totals on rows and columns. Is there any option to turn off all subtotals?

If you are using TDP 4.3, right click on the group total and chose Field Settings. By default it is sum or count. Deselect all aggregations and this will remove any totals.