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Pivot Issue with Toad Workbook - Query Spins Indefinitely

A workbook contains 4 Pivots and is executed to only return 1000 rows. The query returns the data and the cleanse process completes successfully. However, only 2 of the 4 pivots complete successfully. The remaining 2 pivots continue to spin. The only difference I see with the 2 pivots that aren't completing is that they have additional filters on them. Is there a way to determine why the 2 pivots run indefinitely?

The data is being returned from the database. Is there a way to view the logic the pivots are generating in version We are going to upgrade to version 5.4 to see if that resolves the issue.

Hi la_grey,

Very curious to know if this was resolved for you in Toad Data Point 5.4. We did some significant work with pivots in that Toad Data Point release. One thing to look at is how you are summarizing the data in the 2 pivots that won't complete - are use using distinct count or list agg summaries?

The upgrade seems to have helped. However, not all of our employees may be able to upgrade to 5.4. According to the SQL, the query is not using a distinct(count) or list agg. Is there another way to confirm how the data is being summarized? Are you aware of a way to view the logic/processing that's being generated behind the individual pivots, similar to how we can see the SQL that's generated?