Timeline Slicers

I have noticed that direct exports from TOAD Data Point to a copy of a template Excel workbook will remove timelines from our summary pages. Can you confirm whether or not TOAD Data Point 5.3.33 will support timeline slicers with Excel 2016 or not just so I can stop researching the issue? We use a dynamic offset formula to include all of the result set data in the pivot source so I know it isn't a broken pivot.



Hey Shankspony,

I just did some testing, and I don't think TDP 5.x preserves your slicers and timelines on your pivot templates. I also checked our official documents, and there's nothing there to indicate support for/against.

Would be nice for Quest Dev team to confirm, and if we don't support preservation of your pivot widgets in Excel Templates, we can create an enhancement request.

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This is a very old issue. It needed to be covered by the third party component that does the exporting. I am pretty sure Quest got the enhancement. I remember testing this and it working in some version of Toad. Someone needs to look up the error ticket number and see what the status is.

This issue ticket was QAT-9329. See this post New support for Excel Slicers and row limit - Toad Data Point - Toad World® Forums

If if doesn't work for you I'd suggest opening a support ticket and submit one of your files as they might have missed some aspect of this.

Ah, thanks for the bit of history here... I'm communicating with the Product Manager on the issue you've raised... stay tuned!

DMP, Gary, thank you! Our select/filter slicers are working but not the timelines. It's odd. Thanks for looking into it!