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Please implement Search > Object Search

Please implement Search > Object Search, just like your cousins on the TOAD for Oracle team have provided for many versions.

This is a super useful feature. I am surprised that it is missing in TOAD for SQL Server.

Thank you for your consideration,

Tom Wickerath
The Boeing Company

It'd be useful for those of us that don't use Toad for Oracle (or aren't familiar with that particular feature) if you'd provide a description of the feature. I can't vote it up if I don't know what it is.

Interesting. I just found an article in Toad for SQL Server Community that seems to indicate this functionality is present. However, I cannot find it in my version (XPert Edition,  32-bit):

Object Search

This article was written 1 August 2013, and last edited 27 October 2017. It includes the following:  

     Select Tools | Object Search (F4) to invoke the tool.

I have no such option in my Tools menu item. In addition, I had asked about Object Search in an online Chat session, prior to posting my question. The Quest employee who handled my question could not find this feature. Was it removed from later versions of TOAD for SQL Server, or does one need a different version than XPert Edition?