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plppgsql language

Is it possible to add plpgsql language into functions editor for postgresql?

Currently I have to select user-defined language and then manualy put this language name into additional field.


No, it doesn’t work. But we’re working on smart integration with Toad Extension for Eclipse, where you will find the functionality and even much more!



Toad Extension for Eclipse with PostgreSQL support is currently in incubator.

Official version will be released soon.



Nice but I’m using Netbeans.
At the end I have asked for TDM feature, not new software :wink: Added to Idea Pond


I strongly agree with the OP: what he’s asking is simply one more entry in language combobox, as it’s really annoying to have to choose “custom” and then manually enter plpgsql… as 99% of functions in postgresql are written in plpgsql, this fact is 50% bug and 50% enhancement IMHO :wink:

Unless we can use this extension for eclipse as “external editor” for preparing functions, with a two-way link with our loved toad data modeler… (two way: open from toad data modeler --> eclipse and then have it updated in tdm automatically when we close eclipse)… but honestly don’t care too much… as I use another product to do the job … unless we can have a “real” toad for postgresql… but that’s another story :slight_smile:

OK. I misunderstood the question. I thought you might be interested in features like syntax highlighting, syntax check, code formatting, code completion and other advanced Editor features that’s why I suggested the Eclipse plugin…

To the solution: We will modify system package for PostgreSQL databases and offer you solution today (or tomorrow at the latest).

Thanks for your feedback!



Dear Vaclav,

I told you, I already use a commercial product giving me all these things… what I have to do then is crtl-c + ctrl-v the function body inside TDM (or simply run and RI then, that’s an option, too…)

thanks for the update! I knew was easy for you :slight_smile:

Hi Roberto and Michal,

new system package can be downloaded from:

This adds the plpgsql language to the Language combo box on tab General of Function Properties dialog. The next commercial version will also contain modified reverse engineering (that will no longer load code as user-defined language) and also modified alter scripting that will not show the properties as different.

BTW: what commercial product do you use for PostgreSQL management/development?



Wow… it was really quick - impressive.
Thank you for a such quick solution.

About commercial product for postgresql management/development: we use none. I tested a few and all have issues which may be divided into a fewcategories:

  • bugs/missing features
  • non-intuitive or messy UI design
  • lack of flow (slow UI response)
    That’s why we stay with pgAdmin (full of issues btw)
    If asked for best matching my requirements app, I would say MySQL QueryBrowser/Administrator. Unfortunately its developing has been dropped. I loved CaseStudio2 also. All those apps have provided all features I needed supported by ergonomic design.

best regards

Hello Vaclav,

I’ve correctly understood that the package is intended for commercial release, and not beta? If yes, may I have package for beta release also? (I am using pg 9.1, that is supported only in beta currently)

About product that I use… actually I am using this one:

IMHO is so far the most complete. The perfect product has only to come, and probably will never come :slight_smile: So I use both this one and PgAdmin III to accomplish my tasks.

I’ve taken a look at this one also:
(resemble very close the other web site doesn’t it???) but it was not as complete as the other… and I felt more confortable with the first one. But is also a matter of taste (and the actual job you have to do, of course!!!)

Hi Roberto,

thank you!
RE package: it can be used with TDM version BETA version too.
You only need to copy the file to the folder where your BETA is installed.
Default path on Win7:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Quest Software\Toad Data Modeler - Beta\Packages\System



Hi Vaclav,

Ok, thanks!