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PLSQL Developer is better than TOAD #1

This is probably going to be a very short list, but:

  1. I ran some PLSQL in the Test Window.
  2. It raised an error
  3. PLSQL Developer asked me if I’d like to view the source of the error
  4. I said Yes
  5. It opened every package, at every line (highlighted) in the error stack in a single window with tabs so I could jump from line to line in the error.


TOAD could do this using the Describe window, it could even put the error in the navigator so I could jump through the error there? I’d also like to be able to “Describe” an error so I’d get the packages/lines in the describe window format (it doesn’t have to be the “real” Describe window if that makes it easier). That way someone could send me an error and I could investigate it easily.