Errors not displaying in Toad for Oracle

I originally used Toad for analysts (or Toad Data Point). When there is an error, it tells you the line and what the error is. In Toad for Oracle, often the error will just have the first line of the code and space 7 (after the word Select). This just tells me the error is in the select statement, but not where or what the error is. Is there a setting I should have checked which will give more information? Thank you in advance. – Lee


I do not use Toad Data have no idea what do you see.

And in Toad please please take a look what I have:

F9 (run as query):


As you see error is correctly shown.

F5 (run as script):

again error is correctly highlighted.

fI you can place pictures of the same SQL error in both programs it may be more help you better.

Hope this helps ...



Thank you for the response Damir. When I get an error which doesn’t give me the line, I’ll post pictures from each application.

Please be aware that you should explain the way code is runned … i.e. like script or like query or like selected query etc …