Pointing inside commented lines

Hi there,

My experience with Toad is small, I’ve got it last fall. A few things are
not pleasant for me however they are not very important. One of them appeared
when I’ve upgraded from 9.7 to 10 version – it is editor specific
handling of commented lines. In lines commented by double dash or by /* */
brackets in version 10 left clicking on any position in the line placed editor
cursor in other position not exactly one the mouse pointer was at the time
of mouse click. It is not convenient when editing commented lines; actually I
use to uncomment it, make some changes and comment it back. And in version 9.7
there is no such annoying behavior.



This is a bug introduced with the new editor component in 10. From what I recall
from a previous post a week or two ago is that if you are using the Courier font
try using Courier New as it does not have the same issue.




The Courier New is what a magic wand.

Thank you Ed