editor cursor arrives in odd location for certain comment structures in TOAD 10

Hi folks,

I have a lot of code comments in the form of

This is a known issue and I don’t see any changes noted in the case that
we’ve opened with the component developer. The case that we’ve
logged pertains to Courier font. If you are using Courier and can use Courier
New instead then do that as Courier New doesn’t seem to suffer from this


A co-worker had that exact problem also but he fixed it by turning off the
italic’s for the font. In options go to Editor, Behavior, then next to Languages
(PL/SQL selected) click the ellipses …, then Highlighting tab, choose Comment
and uncheck the Italic checkbox.

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Yes, Italics and Bold style will cause this problem. Perhaps underline and
strikeout as well although I haven’t tested it.