Possible Enhancment Idea

First just want to say great blog post on how to use date variables in automation.

Just was thinking about future enhancement that you might want to consider and this would be expanding the FTP functionality of the product. For instance enhancing the FTP download portion to allow the automate to run at specific times and monitor an FTP server for such things like return files that comes from vendors, download the file and import the contents into a specific oracle table.

Toad does such an excellent job at importing .txt, excel, and other files into tables (we use it all the time) and while a .bat could be written to do this it would be great for the automation in TDA to come full circle sending the file via FTP which currently functionality allows and then monitoring the FTP site for such things as dynamic file names, modified dates, and triggering the download of these files based on certain conditions.

Unless I missed something in the documentation it looks like an IF-Then statement could be used however the current functionality built into TDA (2.6 beta) to download files is based on an exact file name and not one that dynamically changes such as date and time being appended to the file name. Just a suggestion.


This is an excellent idea. I have entered this as an enhancement request under number CR71,448. I’d like to get some more details on this and I will contact you.