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I am evaluating Toad Edge (v 2.15) for use with Postgres on MacOS Catalina. After some trial and error I have discovered that the only way I can navigate objects in a database is to specify the database in the connection. And then I can only navigate objects in that database. This means 1 Toad connection defined per database on the server, when obviously does not scale well. Have I missed something in the way I am configuring Toad Edge?


Welcome to our Toad Forums, Rob.

Toad Edge should be able to define (and connect to) multiple different databases simultaneously. Are you creating different connection profiles for each of your databases?

Hi Gary,

I tried many times at first to not specify a database in the connection definition. In every case the result is as shown in this screenshot


When I specify the database in the connection properties I get the behavior expected for that database, but I am not able to navigate to another database.

Perhaps I am doing something very wrong??? I have no problems with any other of the several tools I have used but for some reason this has me stumped.


well shoot. I can apparently only put one image in a post. so I will show the screenshot where no database is specified in the connection properties. <>