prefixed comma


while doing a sum-function SQL-Navigator 5.1 is rounding double-variables. The last decimal gets lost. How can i fix to decimales during query?

Thanks for repeat


It is not clear whether database rows or actual PL/SQL variables are meant, and what the exact datatype is.

Could you provide the actual code bit? Thanks.

many thanks for answering.

ok, there are any informations lost

i did a select like

SELECT a.beitrag, sum(a.beitrag) as Betrag
group by beitrag;

where beitrag is a float-variable.

The result is like this:

beitrag: 13.47
Betrag: 13.4

Reallity i need a sum over many ‘beitag’, but it fails also in this model. Should i have a Code Template and how to activate it? Or should i deactivate anyone?

may i be hopeless?

Hello Winfired,

I checked it with 5.1 but mine displayed as ‘13.47’. I also had a look through the preferences but didn’t see anything that could intervene with this. You could either send me the .pref file and I will use it and see if I can reproduce or you can reset the preferences and check if it makes any difference.


Many thanks for all help.

Now I did ‘Ora920’ at OracleHome/Client during logging in and all went korrekt. Oh what simple thing if you know it.

Many regards