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Can't print models in landscape

There is a problem with the Toad Data Modeler (v5.0.5.31) and landscape printing. When I try to send a model to the printer, I get the following error “The Margins are set outside of the printable are of the page. Do you want to continue”. It may be possible that Toad Data Modeler is not sending the correct dimensions to the printer when landscape orientation is chosen, but I don’t have a way to prove that.

Our printer is a brand new HP DesignJet T120, and is loaded with 24" roll stock. If I have Toad Data Modeler page setup as Portrait, it prints fine, but if you change it to Landscape it will not print.

My Data Model Page Setup:

Arch D

Height: 914

Width: 609

Orientation: Landscape

Margins L: 10

Margin R: 10

Margin T: 15

Marting B: 15

HP DesignJet Settings:

Document Size: Arch D

Orientation: Landscape

Resizing Options: Actual Size

Also, I tried printing the report ERD_0.png in landscape mode from another utiltiy, and it printed fine, but the quality of the PNG file is to low quality for printing. Is it possible to generate a higher quality image? I realize the size would increase, but the image isn’t that big to begin with.

Thanks in advance!

Hi msacks,

You asked your question in a wrong forum - this is Toad for Oracle forum. Could you ask again in Toad Data Modeler forum at…/default.aspx

Anyway, we have had some issues reported with HP DesignJet printers. These were mostly connected with wrong or unsupported page size setting for printing, eg. using Tabloid paper size and selecting landscape orientation, which is defined as Ledger paper size in fact and Tabloid is only portrait orientation. Can you check if there is some other page size matching the dimensions of Arch D but with the other orientation?

Please, move your question to Toad Data Modeler forum and I will go on there.

Thank you,