Problem on Entering the License key on TDM v.


I am having problem on entering the License key on the latest copy of TDM v.
I downloaded a copy of TDM v. from, When I tried to put the license key and Site message on to the “Enter License Key” dialog box, I receive a message. The license key does not contain the specified option number.

Do it mean my License key is not valid? I think I am allow to update TDM within a year after I purchase TDM, in which I still have 1 more month.

Please let me know if you want me to explain more.

Many thanks



Please check out your Private Messages section. Thanks.


Helpful information for TDM v2 users:


  • you are a user of Toad Data Modeler v2,
  • have a valid license key for TDM v2
  • and would like to upgrade to Toad Data Modeler v3 (you qualify for free upgrade)

do NOT use your TDM v2 license key to unlock TDM v3.
Keys generated for Toad Data Modeler v2 do not work for Toad Data Modeler v3, a new key for TDM v3 is required.

Contact the Quest Sales team or visit this site:

Enter your email address and your license number. (For the license number, please open TDM v2, select Help | About.)
If you have a valid perpetual license key for TDM v2 and your are current on maintenance, the system will automatically generate TDM v3 key for you.

Have a nice day.