Problem to install Toad for SQL Server 6 // Link to previous versions


I’ve got problems to install the new Release of Toad for SQL Server. When i click “Next” in the first Setup-Screen, the process will kill and i get a Windows message. I already tried to search the forum.

Msg: “This program might not have installed correctly”

I can not find any files at the filesystem.

At i found the following:

Caution! When installing Toad using Quest Installer on Windows 7 64-bit, Program Compatibility Assistant may appear with “This program might not have installed correctly” message. Select This program installed correctly to continue installation.

The note doesn’t work.

Are there links to previous versions available. I would like to try them.

Many thanks and sorry for the bad english :wink:

Hi mcbacars,

Can you please share your computer configuration?

As far as I can read you are installing 6.0 release, but what file do you execute/what edition?

Do you have any antivirus software installed?

Anything special for your computer?

Also you can find other releases here:

Hi Valentine.

I've found the following link:

In the Admin-Console the setup works fine.

ToadforSQLServer_Freeware_6.0.0.323.exe /S

Many thanks.