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Problem using a "where" clause with FoxPro driver

I need to read a FoxPro table that has a column that contains a logical value (true/false). Will appreciate any suggestions on how to use the where clause on a logical field. I have tried several where clause options with no success. I keep getting an error from the ODBC driver for a syntax error.


I would need some more information to help you solve this.

Can you please post the query and the error you are getting?

Can you also try executing the query for first 20 rows so that we can see what is the data in the column. Something like this,

SELECT top 20 Logic_Column FROM the_table

Also I’d try the following where expressions

Logic_Column = ‘T’ (or ‘Y’, or ‘t’, or ‘y’) to get rows with true value.

Awaiting for your reply.


I solved the logical where statement problem I was having.

I entered WHERE variable name

This gave me the “true” selection.

The FoxPro drive is really funky to work with.