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Toad automatically querying DB without where clause and locking up.

I recently upgraded to Toad 4.0 and now it seems to lock up occasionally. A couple times a week.

Typically the DBA will ping me saying I’m running a query without a where clause. I am always surprised, but TOAD is submitting the following query.

SELECT * FROM ------ LIMIT 40.

Once I manually kill the above query TOAD unfreezes and runs the query I submitted.

I have now learned to recognize this before the DBA pings me. So I kill the above query as fast as I can and everything works normally.

Why is TOAD doing this and is it an option I can turn off?

Thank you.

Based on your Toad version 4.0, I think you are in the wrong forum - this one is Toad for Oracle.

I apologize. This should be in Toad Data Point forum.