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Problem with alter DB Objects

Hi all,

I have trouble when I alter DB Object with Toad, when I tape the "[" character, a shorcut send me to an other menu.

Is it possible to unactive this "shortcut" ?

Thanks a lot.


Hi Jerome,
I don't see any [ containing shortcuts but you can try searching here and unsetting if that's the case:


Thanks for your answer,

When I wan’t to write the [ in the window used to alter objects I must press the ‘Alt Gr’ key (I’m on AZERTY keyboard) an you will see the beaviour in the video in attachment.


(Attachment my pbl.wmv is missing)


Thanks for your return

I tried to send you a short video of my Toad behaviour, follow the wetransfer link to take a look.



Thanks for the video - you can see for a brief moment that we have a special shortcut for moving here in these menus that works for Ctrl or AltGr and numbers:
Is there any other way how you can write [ symbols on your keyboard? Maybe Alt + 91?
Unfortunately you cannot turn these shortcuts off in Toad.

Thanks for your reply, I use a Ctrl+C / Ctrl+V but it’s not a great replacement action :frowning:
too bad, I will test your Alt+91 to see if it’s a better way.

Thank you.