Automation Script Error

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Exception Messages:
Encountered problem with spooling data to disk.
Closing result spool file.
4096 rows lost from the current result.

I have 5 reports that I run daily and for the past two weeks keep getting Automation Script Error sent to me that show the following message below (rows differ according to scrip). The data is automatically exported into an excel spreadsheet and then sent on by email to the requestee. Any help would be appreciated for this as I would like to be able to take full advantage of automating and scheduling my jobs without this constantly occuring.

This is a known error in version 2.5. There is a threading issue with the log file. You can resolve this by either upgrading to version 2.6 or and a delete file activity to the top of your automation scripts and delete a file called ‘exportbenchmark.txt’. It is located in your application data directory (link is in About box)