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Automation Schedule Duplicating & Running Other Script

I am very new to using Toad Data Point, but I am hoping to use it to automate some email reports that have to go out every morning.

I setup two automation scripts, one that I would like to run weekly and one that I would like to run daily - the scripts contain separate queries and files to email. The daily script creates six files (three xlsx and three html) and emails the html files to a recipient. The weekly script creates four files (two xlsx and two html) and emails the html files to a recipient.

If I run the scripts from Data Point it works great - the daily script runs and sends out three emails.

The problem comes when I try to schedule the script to run at a certain time… If I schedule the daily script to run it sends out a total of 8 emails in the following order: 3 emails from the daily script, 2 emails from the weekly script, then the same 3 emails from the daily script. I have verified that the weekly script is not scheduled and it is not associated with the project in data point.

I would appreciate any help provided, I cannot fathom why the scheduled task is behaving differently than the script when run through Data Point…


This sounds similar to an issue we experienced when we first got the product. It might not be the same issue, but just to check, go to your options, then Environment, then Desktops, then on Desktop configuration settings, make sure Open documents is UNCHECKED. If it’s checked, it leaves previously opened queries up and we’ve seen this cause the scheduler to run the .tas files that were left open multiple times when each scheduler is kicked off. Maybe this will help.


Chad, thanks for the quick response - that indeed has fixed the issue!!