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Problem with data compare


When I compare two tables from two different databases with similar data, the compare sees a difference in some of the varchar2 data that contain a number, where I cannot see any difference at all. And even more baffling, the compare is not blind for all entries containing numbers, just some of them… Does anyone know a reason for this, as I cannot trust my compares anymore now! I’ve checked the ‘Ignore textspace’ option, but it doesnt solve my riddle…
I’m using Toad for Data Analysts 2.6
Example: Toad sees a difference between table A ‘VAR3’ vs table B ‘VAR3’…


We would have to get more detail on this issue to really dig into what the issue is. You could open a support ticket and have support help. Or you could post a screen shot of the example. If you want to go this route, include the full screenshot. Also post what database types you are comparing, how you are connected and the compare and sync export of the data.



I’ve attached screenshots of the example. It’s a compare between two oracle 9 databases, same scheme owner, one connection with an oracle client, the other by odbc. If anyone has a clue, I’d be most obliged.

Thanks, Anne
compare.doc (412 KB)


Thanks. I will have someone on the Compare and Sync team take a look and get back with you.



We’ve reviewed compare.doc file but we were not able to reproduce this issue in our environment based on provided information. Please could you send CREATE TABLE scripts for source and target tables, and ensure that both source and target connections use native Oracle client, not ODBC, because I’m a bit confused about phrase “one connection with an oracle client, the other by odbc.” Thanks, Stanislav.


Hello Stanislav,

I have to use a direct connection for the outside database (SID and Port number), and I compare with a database in our network, which uses the default Oracle client. I think the source of the problem might be this, I will meddle with the connections a bit more, and maybe the problem will disappear that way!

Best regards, Anne


From what I can see at the attached screens - you missed to select columns for comparison (there is the column “compare” on the step you see columns and select key for compare).