How to compare two different size and type columns

Hi All,

We are migrating our Oracle database to a new one. We are making changes to support new functions.

I would like to compare two tables with basically the same data, but different structure. Is there a way to do this?


old column Order_Number varchar(8)
new column Order_Number varchar2(10)

Can the filter help accomplish this?

Thank In Advance!

Try using the Date Compare tool located off of the Tools menu.


Hi Debbie,

I am using the data compare. I am getting the (!) yellow warning in the select columns window in the compare tool.

Another example would be:

column properities - source - target
name - fedex_commit - fedex_commit
allow nulls - yes - yes
data type (!) - varchar2(8) - char(2)

The data will be migrated from char(2) to varchar2(8).

It is moving to a new larger field.


Hi Debbie,

Sorry, it says they are in compatible data types, but it still compares them.


Did it give you the compare data you needed?

did data compare helped you?