procedure dependencies inaccurate?


I have changed the name of a procedure from sp_create_event to sp_icdb_create_event.

To see where the original name was used I went to a schema browser & selected the procedure name in the left hand side then chose the 'Deps(Used By)' tab in the right hand side to show me all the procedures which call the renamed object.

I noticed that some of the procedures named in the list don't actually reference the renamed object but guess they call a procedure which does.

OK, so having been through and checked all the procedures named in the list, changing to the new procedure name as necessary, I still get the same list of objects showing in the right hand side, even after refreshing both views and even closing & re-opening the connection.

I.E. TOAD is telling me that a bunch of procedures use an object when it doesn't.

Anybody tell me what I'm missing here?