Toad 12.10 - package name separate color from function/procedure name

Back with another fun Toad styling question!

Is there a way to have a schema name/package name be a different color from the method being called? I know this was possible in Toad 11.6, but see the screenshot below where I am unable to get this to work. Both of these seem to be taking the “Identifier” style. The User PL/SQL style is only applied to package/method names at the start of a script.

Here is an example of the same code viewed in different versions of Toad -

12.10 -


11.6 -


How can I get the package name and method name different colors in Toad 12?

This is no longer possible. 11.6 used a different method for tokenizing your text for the purposes of styling. It allowed for more granular breakdown of identifiers. 12.10 treats ‘.’ as an identifier char and the identifier as a whole is styled the same.