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Program memory is too low. 409 MBs available. Reduce size of work load or increase RAM.


What is up with this memory error? It happens when I trying to export a dataset to an excel file. My workstation as loads of free RAM (monitored while the export was running). I do notice that during the attempted export, toad.exe’s RAM usage jumps from ~50MB to 650MB, and then the export fails ad i get that memory error. The export is only 300,000 rows, which (when it works) results in an excel file of ~35MB.

The only way I can get it to work is to close TOAD and reopen. Is there a way to allocate more RAM to toad to avoid this?


Sometimes we are too aggressive in memory checking in this area. You can turn off memory checking in the export wizard. Uncheck the option shown in the screenshot and see how that works for you.

memory check.png


Thanks Debbie. i’ll give that a try.