Toad of memory failed

Merhaba Arkadaşlar,

Toad programında sorguyu excel'e export ettiğimde ''out of memory'' hatası alıyorum. konu hakkında desteklerinizi rica ederim.

Toad versiyonu 13.1

Assuming that you have lots of RAM on your workstation to handle the volume of data being exported, consider changing your target type to Excel Instance instead of Excel File, per Knowledge Base article here.

Also this Knowledge Base article has some additional suggestions that could be helpful.

If these don't work, please contact Quest Support directly.

In addition to what Gary said:

  1. If you have 32 bit Toad, switch to 64 bit Toad. 32 bit Toad can only handle about 1.5 Gb of RAM. 64 bit can use however much is on your PC.

  2. The fastest option would probably be to export to a delimited file and save it with a CSV extension. Excel should be able to convert that to XLSX fairly easily.