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Automate Reports from free version of Toad Inteligence Central?

Hi Folks:
I can see in the comparison between the full version and the free version of the intelligence central that the free version allows automation. Can you automate reports (to be emailed)? The reason I ask is the features do not mention the ability to create a database connection in the free version....
(We recently purchased multiple licenses. Eventually we may purchased Toad intelligence server, but I'd like to show some usefullness to the intelligence server... and let the upper manangement know there are more features available... for a price).


Do you mean build some reports and then email them in TDP automation script? If like that, yes. Community version TIC is not able to be used to publish data object(View, Snapshot, Dataset). But there is no any restriction on publishing automation script. If you want to create data object(View, Snapshot, Dataset) in the published automation script on free version of TIC. That script will fail to run. Other automation activities should have no difference regard to the version of TIC.