Queries running much slower in TDA than in Toad for Oracle


I am testing query run times in TDA, as we are hoping to migrate from Toad for Oracle to TDA, and want to make sure our query times are not negatively impacted.

One of my tests is a simple select query that returns a large amount of data

select *
from <table_name>

It has almost 50 columns and returns approximately 730,000 rows. When I run it in Toad for Oracle, it takes about 15 seconds to pull back all the rows. In TDA, it’s over a minute.

Does any one have any suggestions to improve the processing time in TDA to come closer to Toad for Oracle? Or is it just the nature of the tool?



Toad for Oracle and Toad for Data Analysts are written in two different languages. Toad for Data Analysts was originally written for Unicode support and now has expanded to multiple database support. So there are some differences.

Regarding retrieval time, I think you might find it to vary depending on what is being retrieved. I think TDA has performance problems when there are many columns. The grid tends to be slow in drawing them. The trade off depends on whether you need to query multiple database platforms.