Toad for Data Analysts Runs EXTREMELY SLOW

I have a decent workstations running windows 7 with 8GB or RAM and TDA runs extremly slow and does not respond quickly. Also the desired results are not becing accomplished.

For example when trying to set up an automation, I do an export to a Access database which is located on my local hard drvie (need to post it to local hard drive first because the exporting to a Database that is on the network is extremly slow) but the export instead of posting to the correct database creates a new one with the same name but adds a date suffix to the file name. I cannot seem to get it to post to the correct location. Sometimes it works and sometimes it does not. I do it the same way each time but in some cases it just wont go to where it is supposed to go.

In doing this process it usually can take anywhere from 10 min to a few hours to complete the automation build becuase of the lag in application. Sometimes when I click on build new export template it will freeze the program and I will have to come back and click it again in a few minutes to get it to open up.

Any assistance in this matter would be great.

Hopefully I explained it good enough

TDA 3.1 is the version.

Something is not correct here. Please run your automation script that uses this export to Access with Verbose logging. Send me the log file, *tas file, and export template. I will have a look as see if I can see what is occuring.

Also, what version of Access do you have, and is it 64-bit or 32?