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Query Builder Diagram not Updating with Query Changes


If I click on the ‘Query view/tab’ of the Query Builder, manually add new columns to the SQL statement and then click on the ‘Diagram view/tab’ it does not not get updated. The new columns I added to the query statement are not displayed in the Diagram view.

What has to be done to get the Diagram view to update and include all the columns included in the edited query?



There is a visualize query toolbar button. This will sync up your manual changes to the diagram.




When I edit SQL in Query builder (i.e add a Where clause) and select Visualize, I don't see the Diagram being updated like it does if I add a new column to the SQL. Is this normal?



The sql tab of the Query Builder was not built for heavy changes. To take regular sql and translate into the column values in the diagram can be challenging on advanced sql. So once the SQL changes, we put the entire where condition in a "where clause". Sometimes it is easy to miss. Once you have a Global where clause you can freehand the clause but it will always be part of this container.