Query Builder Load From File error

I need to load a list from a file for an IN condition. When I load these values the Query builder adds multiple sets of single quotes. Can we get this fixed? I need to load a pretty long list of values.

And to make it worse, when I edit out the extra quotes I have to use the visualize button and that puts everything into a Global Where Clause (which I am trying to avoid.....)

If you are pulling the list from a CVS/or spreadsheet, I can give you a workaround. Grab Notepad++ (windows). Copy the column with the data, paste it into a blank Notepad++ doc. Then do a find and replace using Find What: \r\n Replace: ',' Use "Replace All"


That will give you a list like this:

Just add the single quote to the beginning and end of your line. Not an ideal solution, but it will let you move forward.

Hi - I tried to recreate but was not able to - can you share the text file you are trying to use?

Thanks for the work around. Unfortunately the Analyst I am building this Query Builder file will not have the patience to use that work around. But let me experiment a bit more. Maybe your discovery might trigger a different work around.

The issue starts with having a Query Builder file that I have already selected an IN list from the drop down. The list of items is correctly formatted.

WHERE (AL2.ttk IN ('01817',
If I then go and read from a file it makes the multiple quotes. If I edit it and revisualize then everything goes into a Where clause and I can't load from file anymore. (Grrhhh)

So if I load from a file it puts quotes around each entry and shows them in the Where condition edit box. Like below.
'01817', '02369', '10834', '20235'
If I do nothing else the where condition window will close and the values will be triple quoted.
BUT if I choose the drop down to manually select the values after I have loaded the file, this strips the list of the quotes. If I can get the Where window to strip the quotes I can close it and the IN list is properly formatted with only surrounding single quotes.
I have attached my input file to see if that helps you reproduce. ttk_List.txt (26 Bytes)

Again, I am building this Query Builder file for others that are less proficient with SQL and applications so fixing this would be very important. :grinning: Please confirm you can reproduce and there is a fixit ticket for this.