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Query Builder - Multiple values for LIKE statement


Can anyone help me figure out how to use the visual query builder to allow users to create a LIKE statement with multiple values?
For example: select * from mytable where field1 like '%value1%' OR field1 like "%value2%'

Ideally what my users would like to do is to upload the list of values from a file (like it can be done on the IN statement), and have this populated to a LIKE statement. Can this be done in query builder?


Add your first Like by clicking the Where add button. Fill out where dialog with Like values.

Second would be added by clicking the OR button and filling out where dialog.

You can only add two in a column so to add more you would add that column again by right click "Add to ouput". Now add more like values.

Below are samples and result. We do not have a feature to load from a file the the IN clause.