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Formatting on IN clause strings

I have Toad Data Point

When I load a string in the Query Builder Where window for an IN clause from a text file the tool does not format it correctly and I have to format it before i load it.
For example:

  • the txt file has 1 2 3 4 5 in a column.
  • it is querying a character field not number
  • the tool formats this a '1,2,3,4,5' - notice the quote at the start and finish only
  • the older version would format it as '1','2','3','4','5' - notice that each number is contained in quotes
  • if I format it correctly before pasting in it saves it correctly

Is this a know issue and fixed in an update?

In reproducing your scenario with TDP 5.2.x, I'm seeing '1','2','3','4','5' as desired... with the query formatted like the following...

SELECT ... (etc. etc.)
WHERE (Column IN ('1',

Sounds like an upgrade to 5.2 would get you back on track.

Hi Jim,

just letting you know, that this was fixed in the latest release of TDP 5.2.1