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Use Toad Data Point GUI to build Where clause with multiple static values for IN operator

I’m trying to add static values into my IN operator.

Such as

Where Customers.Name in (‘Jack’, ‘Jill’)

But I’m only able to add one value for an = operator

Such as

Where Customers.Name = ‘Jack’

I am able to type them into the Formula window

But, Is there a way to graphically choose values for the IN operator, rather than have to type them?

Yes. Click the ellipsis button on the Where line of the field you want to query on. Then pick In (instead of equals) and check the boxes in the drop down for the items you want:

Thank you–thats what I needed!

No problem. Check the query tab after adding the In statement. Depending on what version of Toad you are on, some older versions it did not handle the quoting correctly of multiple char values for I think Sybase ASE connections (would show them and then remove them when you clicked OK, then yell at you when you ran it because your syntax was wrong).

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RE: Use Toad Data Point GUI to build Where clause with multiple static values for IN operator

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Thank you–thats what I needed!

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There is another way to add values for IN (NOT IN) statement. In SQL Editor use code complition and select the "Get values from file"

You can load values from a .txt, Excel, or .csv file. If using an Excel file, all values must be in the first column in the first worksheet. If using a .txt file, each value must be on a separate line.


Where can I find more information on using the Get values from file option? I looked around but no luck. Also, I tired it and it works but I had to add the comma after each entry in the IN list. Works well but is there a way to add the comma after each entry? What am I missing?

Thanx Aleksey, great advise.

Look in the Help for topic “New for this Release” “Query Development”.

Th following is a brief description:

“Get values from file” supports txt, csv and Excel files.

Txt file has to have one value per line, Toad adds comma after every value.

CSV file – we retrieve one row with comma separated values.

Excel –we retrieve values from the first column of the first sheet.

The values will be quoted if requered.

Hope it helps.