Query builder where clause IN operator with trailing SPACES


I am trying to use Toad Data Point query builder in a IBM DB2 LUW database. (The previous version of toad was not having any issues with this)

When I select a column and then add a where = 'ACTIVE ' (one of the existing values from the table) The SQL generates correctly AND (MBSH.DA_MBST_CUR_STS_CD = 'ACTIVE ')


If I use IN

the text is trimmed to remove required spaces.

I have tried searching for an option to stop this but have not been successful.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Try trimming the MBSH.DA_MBST_CUR_STS_CD field. Then when you use IN all will be well.

Or try typing in the values with 'around the value ', 'next value '. The trim or rtrim recomended above is a better idea.

We can reproduce the issue with char column, QAT-9410 is created.