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Query Returning RowID BUG


Here’s the query:

select email,‘char’ from t_table_name;

runs fine. But when I add a space after email and before the following comma, the result set has 3 columns: email, ROWID, and ‘char’. the data in the ROWID column are of the “AAAIyWAAHAAAAU…” variety. I’m assuming its some sort of settings on SQL nav (Release combined with the single quote following the “space comma”.

I’m pulling my hair out over this. The error happens on one of my coworkers machine, as well as mine, but not on others. Please Help!!!

Also on the two ‘offending’ machines, we don’t get any concatenation with this query:

SELECT substr(email,0,length(email)-8)||‘’ FROM t_users;


Hi SumDood,
and welcome to the Community.

You can avoid both problems, by turning “Updateable” button OFF.

When “Updateable” is on, SELECT should contain only column names, because this implies adding/changing records in the table and Oracle is re-calculating ROWID. If you want to use after SELECT apart of column names also strings (like ‘char’) and Oracle functions (like SUBSTR), then “Updateable” must be switched off.

This is consistent behaviour in SQL Navigator across all versions from 4.5 until latest 5.5.1.

However, we will create on your behalf CR to improve a usability, by displaying warning message, in a similar scenario like yours.

This will be implemented in one of the next beta posted in this Community.

BTW did you have a chance to try our Beta 3, with Unified Editor? We are attempting to simplify and improve develpers’ workflow. We would love to hear your feedback as well.



That did it. Thank you so much. What a screwy problem.