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Question on how to go about tuning a Procedure in Toad

I am slightly new to toad and have a large procedure that folks want me to review and tune if possible. It is ugly( BIG).
I tried to load it into editor and then run explain plan on it but get error that it is invalid sql statement

there are several of these statements:
TYPE persnum_i IS TABLE OF sap_associate.persnum%TYPE INDEX BY BINARY_INTEGER;

For different fields/ tables etc
then truncate and a bulk insert statements where is a good resource or something to being?

Hi Sparkie,

you cannot explain plan on a procedure or a package, only on a plain old SQL
statement. Your TYPE … statements cannot be executed by the SQL engine, only
by the PL/SQL engine and you can only use EXPLAIN PLAN for SQL engine stuff.



Norm. [TeamT]

PS. Steven F. the Pl/SQL guru of gurus has lots of good advice for making PL/SQL
fast and furious. Have a quick Google for PL/SQL Best Practices and such like
and see what you get.

Good luck.

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Norm already mentioned the bit about what you can “explain”. A tool
you could use to get further information on PL/SQL (stored code) is called
TKPROF. Sounds like you’ll want to become familiar with the tool.

There are two high level areas where you have the potential of improving