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Question on Toad 4 and Windows 7

Hope this is the right place. Got an employee I support using an older Toad, I believe. He’s seeing some odd issues on his Windows 7 64 bit machine. Program seems to run fine but when he unmaximizes toad and moves it to his 2nd monitor, when he resizes it back to full, the program resizes, but the tables inside do not forcing him to scroll around. The only work around is to move it back to the original monitor and resize. Is this a fixable issue in this older version or will he need to break down a buy a newer version? This is a county position and money is never spent freely so we’d like to find a solution if posisble.

I do not have such old Toad version nearby. But it definetelly was not tested and designed to work properly on W7 64bit. Please try TSS 5.6 or even TSS 5.7 Beta (that is going to be released this month).
You can download TSS 5.7 Beta from this page: