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I can see my Toad is starting, but I can't open the screen


I have Windows 10, using Toad Product verios 6.5 and file version 7.3.

My issue is, when I try to open Toad, I can see that it is running and when I hover my mouse on the Toad Icon in taskbar, I can see that the script is open, but I can’t actually maximize the screen to write or run any queries. I basically am unable to use Toad.

I checked some previous threads on the issue ( and they seem to suggest deleting tmp files found in locations like : \Users…\AppData\Roaming\Quest Software\Toad for Oracle\10.6\User Files. I checked and I don’t even have such files on my laptop. I have rebooted my laptop several times. Any help will be much appreciated.


You say you are using v6.5 which is nearly 18 years old. We haven’t supported that version in 15+ years and it was written over a decade before Windows 10 was even thought about. If you are trying to run Toad on Windows 10, you need to be on at least version 12.5.