First Experience

Just wanted to share my first experience watching the intro video from the tool.

Video as displayed:

the story continues with the second screenshot (since we are being limited to only half a sentence per post...)

Video after I click on "full screen":

I could've used a Windows magnifier tool to zoom in on the video, but...

If you don't mind us asking, what is the screen resolution on your monitor?
If it's very high, there are known rendering issues within the UI.

From release notes, here's the recommendations:
Recommended maximum DPI settings for Toad are 125%. It is possible to use Toad up to
200% but some dialog windows will not be completely usable anymore.
Maximum tested resolution for Toad is 1920 x 1080 px.

The resolution doesn't seem to be the problem, but rather the way the video is constrained within a small frame. When I attempt to enlarge the video by hitting the maximize button, it simply gets compressed at the top of the screen, making it even smaller, especially with the subtitles appearing at the bottom. This results in a large area of unused black/grey space when the video is maximized. To demonstrate, I maximized Toad, but it still doesn't allow the video to expand beyond its limited size.

Additionally, I'm experiencing frequent crashes with Toad. It abruptly closes, and I find myself having to restart it repeatedly. Despite these issues, I'm not ready to give up on it just yet. I plan to continue troubleshooting to identify the root of the problem.

Does this mean you tested Toad at a lower, supported resolution and DPI setting (and you still experience the same problem)? If not, would be good to test at a supported resolution, just to be sure.

That said, I'm more concerned about the frequent crashes, as that is certainly not normal. Was this a fresh install of Toad for SQl Server, or was it installed over a previously-installed version, by chance?

Hi - this tab in Toad for SQL Server is an in-app browser that is taking you to I don't think the in-app browser is very sophisticated but when I open this page in my regular browser and can expand the video with the highlighted control. Thanks for bringing this to our attention and I will communicate with the Product Owner to see if we have a different experience we can offer here

And if I may, in the meantime, you can specify in Toad's Options Base a different action to perform on launch... e.g.
bring up a different web page (one of your own?), start up the Editor, or do nothing, per snap below.
Hope that helps for now until R&D takes a closer look at this.