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questions about Project Manager

Hi I’m trying to figure out the use of the Project Manager in TDP especially the part of binding variables:

"Storing Bind Variable Values

You can use this feature in the Project Manager to store a value for a bind variable. Then, when you execute a SQL statement containing that bind variable, Toad will not prompt you for a value."

When I bind a variable in the Project Manager and then run a .tsm file with that parameter I do get prompted for a value (granted the “bound variable” is filled in as default). That seems to contradict the manual.

Also the bound variables don’t seem to be connected to specific projects. If I create 2 different projects containing the same .tsm files I don’t seem to be able to bind project specific variables to specific projects.

Third question, how would one, without the use of TIC, share whole projects with others?


The bind variables you talk about are Global to the App. We happen to code access to them in the project manager but they really have nothing to do with the project manager.

When I define a var and value pair in the global bind vars I do not get prompted when used in a SQL statement in SQL editor or Query Builder.

Global bind vars seemed like a good idea at the time. What is your use case? We have some other bind variable support in publishing to Toad Intelligence Central that provides more shareable value.

Thanks for you answer. We have many reports (or sets of reports/queries) that are made for a big group of users that each run these reports and fill in their department’s variables when they run it. We found that many of these departments take these reports and save them with their own variables “hard-coded” in the query (basically removing the variable). This, of course, creates a problem of diversification of likewise reports which makes universal amendments to these reports a lengthy project.

I was hoping to be able to use projects to make several copies of projects with, basically, the same set of queries, reports, automations etc. and define the variables for each different projects so that each department can run the same reports with their defined variables from their own project. In this way the base reports stay centralized and we can manage and amend these reports centrally.

Our organisation choose to not use TIC so I am limited by that.

I think using the variables in automation is a better choice. We added in TDP 4.2 the feature to prompt for the value you want to use on that run. it will use that value for the run without hard coding the change in the script. This automation script can be published to Toad Intelligence central and your end users can use the web portal to run the script and enter the variable values for them. This help topic tells more about this.

The option in the Automation script is shown below

Thanks, but our organisation chose not to use TIC, so I’m limited by that. Also not all reports are run at the same time so 1 automation or automations running automations is not the solution either. I would like to provide users with the necessary TDP object per object preferably containing the department specific variable values.

Keep in mind that the community edition of Toad Intelligence central is free and supports automation.