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RE: Clicking "Like" in forums kills Toad

Are you getting any exception dialog(s) or error report?

From: Rich J. []

Sent: Tuesday, June 25, 2013 12:17 PM


Subject: RE: [Toad for Oracle - Beta Discussion Forum] Clicking "Like" in forums kills Toad

RE: Clicking "Like"
in forums kills Toad

Reply by Rich J.

GAH! It’s
not clicking “Like”, but clicking “Yes” to “Did this answer your question?”.

Sigh. Too many interruptions to get even simple ideas across today. Caffeine to the rescue!


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This is part of what MS says it wants to send to Redmond after the crash:












…there’s a little more, but mostly versions and such. I can send the rest via email if you’d like.



p.s. Clicking the green “Reply” button works. Yay! :wink: