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Crash & Freeze with beta 607

One of our developers has encountered a few crashes, each time with Toad freezing requiring it to be killed. He mentioned that the last time this occurred he had just closed a schema browser.


I believe that will not be a problem in the official release.

Next time it happens, instead of posting the dialog above, please do the following:

  1. Click where it says "click here"
  2. Dialog changes to show a call stack. At the bottom, you'll see a "copy to clipboard" box. Check that, click OK, and then post your clipboard contents here.


In this case it was not possible to get the stack trace. Toad was frozen and clicking on "click here" was not responsive.

Oh wow, I've never seen that happen before. OK, thanks.

I do want to highjack this thread, I toad just went to the grey screen with no popup. Just froze.

I just coded a package body, saved, copied the signature to the clipboard, went the the spec and pasted the signature . Started to modify the signature to be for the spec and froze.

Happened, 2 times at the same, place, I could not repro a 3rd time. Tried 4 times.

Sometimes killing the connection unfreezes toad, but NOT this time. This was the current statement the frozen toad was doing.

Same developer that reported the crash/freeze encountered another freeze with spinning mouse pointer when pasting over highlighted text in the editor. He was trying to paste an id value over the sub-select.


Was Spool SQL active (either to file or screen)?
It may seem unrelated, but try Michael's workaround here: Missing navigator

Edit: oh, Marc - hah, that was you over there on that other thread. hmm... Maybe that will help for Doug?

I changed my spool to screen to fix the debug.sql file lock issue and the auto analyze is off

The developer with the freeze pasting into an editor window reports that "Code Analysis Check Rules is unchecked already."

@DougK and @marc_109 - We've got a beta planned for tomorrow. Spool SQL will be fixed and some other things that might affect this, so we'll eliminate some unknowns. Let me know if it happens again after that and if so I'll see if I can get your user files folder and reproduce the problem.

Just happened again with the latest. I did have output to file on and the last statement was chopped off. How else can i help. Repo was similar to the last. I just coded a package body, saved, copied the signature to the clipboard, went the the spec and pasted the signature . Started to modify the signature to be for the spec and froze.

Earlier I thought spool SQL might have been related to this problem, but now, after the changes that I made, I don't think that it is. The file writing component flushes every 1024 bytes, or when you turn off Spool SQL, or when you close Toad. So it would have finished the SQL in a normal circumstance.

Can you send me the package you that you made? I can try to reproduce the problem.

Can you send me your email to send to

Sure, send to

sent, tell me if it was blocked some how.

Hi Marc,

I got your email but there was no script attached or in the body. I guess it got stripped out.


sent again, but this time in a zip

toad froze again 3 times this morning. John I sent you the dmp file in an email. Today was slightly different.

I was running "exec P_VOLS_PRICE.TEST_TRADE_LOG", the following error appeared in a popup, I hit "copy to clipboard" and then all froze. The cut and paste was similar, but not in the same place. I can not repro a 4th time. It is not happening consistently, but maybe I can try a few times if you need any debug help.

I was just playing around and was able to lock up and this appeared. I am not debugging at all.

Thanks, I got the .dmp file but they don't really help me.

I'll try that "copy to clipboard" after a timeout. I know you've had it lock up on the other error dialog with the copy to clipboard. Do you have any kind of clipboard monitoring/history software installed?

This is my company pc, there is a few pieces of software running that can react with the clipboard.